​​A Division of Heritage Wine Cellars, Ltd.


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A Division of Heritage Wine Cellars, Ltd.


Heritage Wine Cellars is and has always been evolving. We are keenly observing the changing trends in America’s wine & spirits landscape and in October 2012 identified a niche for craft spirits. Thus the Legacy Spirits Division was born! Legacy Spirits, our craft spirit division celebrates our maverick national spirit by presenting the best of the craft distilling movement. Craft distilleries are vigilant operations making spirits in small batches, often producing less in a year than multi-national, branded distilleries bottle in an hour. The large, continuous stills used by major producers are eschewed here for hand-operated pot stills. Pot stills are labor-intensive but allow the craft distiller better control over flavors, and leave room for experimentation. This allows craft distillers to focus on local ingredients and envelope-pushing techniques to make small volume batches of unique, high quality spirits. 

As recently as the late 1990’s, there were only a handful of craft distillers in the U.S. Now, there are more than 200, igniting fires beneath small copper pot stills located in any type of edifice big enough to house them. Within the span of a single generation, there exists an entire and varied sub-category of idiosyncratic spirits made by creative, entrepreneurial individuals looking to expand the horizons for homegrown spirits. Their collective mission is a new breed of distilled beverages, distinctively American that stands a philosophy apart from over-hyped, soulless mainstream offerings. We honor these new pioneers and savor their handmade products.

Legacy-Spirits is a fully equipped state-wide sales force, located in Chicago, IL. We are a proud division of Heritage Wine Cellars, Ltd (est. 1981).
Our distribution operation covers the entire state with two completely temperature controlled locations and fleets. We use the most up-to-date technology as we aim to meet and exceed our customers and suppliers expectations on a daily basis.




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